Friday, July 15, 2005

Capill Sentence Too Short?

Nigel at KiwiPundit says:
Nine years for what Capill did is too short in any case, but the absence of any non-parole period in the sentence is a massive miscarriage of justice. Surely Phil Goff now must change the law again. Sentencing laws that allow a child rapist to spend just three years in prison cannot be allowed to stand.
I'm not normally a proponent of longer prison sentences; someone who makes a bad choice shouldn't be punished for the rest of their life, and longer sentences aren't a very effective deterrent since criminals by their nature tend not to think of consequences; but the Capill sentence (not that I think he will be out in three years), and child sex offences in general, do seem overly short. I believe the recidivism rate for child-molesters is quite high compared with other crimes and the impact on the victims is obviously devastating. In a case like this, however, it is extremely hard to separate the extreme disgust at such a horrific crime and what is best for society.
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