Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Critic on Ex-Gays

Ryan Brown-Haysom has a nice article in this weeks Critic on the ex-gay movement, religious nutjobs claiming they have successfully changed their sexual orientation:

Last semester, Masters student Michael Tarry told a meeting of the Christian group Student Life that he had successfully changed his sexual orientation. “I used to be gay”, he told the group, “and now I’m not”. While Tarry’s claims attracted a handful of vocal protesters and a flurry of letters to Critic, they are merely the local irruption of a much wider discourse on the nature and origins of sexual preference. In this country and overseas, religious groups claim to turn gays straight, provoking a backlash from gay rights groups who claim their methods are exploitative and damaging. So what do “ex-gays” prove, and what difference does it make?
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