Saturday, July 16, 2005

Kiwi Kids are h4x0r Kids

NZ Herald:
New Zealand children are among the world's greatest "cyber athletes" and this country is one of a dozen that lead the way in using computers in education.

Professor Heppell, described as an "online learning guru" in Britain, said other countries in the leading group included Thailand, Hong Kong and Norway - countries which shared New Zealand's ability to be "agile" due to their relatively small size.

But it was New Zealand's investment in information and communication technology that kept it at the forefront of a new learning age. "In terms of outcomes and investment New Zealand scores incredibly high in the OECD. Whichever party is in power, they have to keep doing that."

Professor Heppell also said creativity and ingenuity among New Zealand children was almost unrivalled when it came to technology and "that's probably the most precious thing in the world".

Parents were generally a passive generation, receiving media, but their children were cyber athletes.

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