Monday, July 18, 2005

Linux for NZ Schools

The Ministry of Education has signed a deal with Novell for the provision of the SUSE desktop operating sytem at $99 per copy, about the same as Windows. "If schools want to have a Linux desktop now they can have one from a major international corporation with the support that brings rather than a free copy of (Linux distribution) Mandrake," the ministry's ICT consultant, Douglas Harre says.
I think this is great news. With the big developing countries (India, China and Brazil) picking up open-source software in a big way, it seems like the computing standard of the future and teaching our children to use it is probably a rather good idea.
I'm not sure what the problem would be with using the free distros for desktop PCs (as opposed to severs). They are, by all accounts, getting more and more reliable and user-friendly. If schools (and other state-funded bodies) can save money then surely it's worth looking into.

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