Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stealing Unproteced Sex

Everything worth having is indeed apparently worth stealing.

From stuff this morning:

A Christchurch man who put a prostitute's life at risk by deliberately taking off his condom has become the first in New Zealand to be prosecuted under a new unsafe-sex law.

...the prostitute would not have consented to him taking the condom off so he did it without her knowledge.

Christchurch District Court Judge John Bisphan fined Morgan $400 and ordered him to pay $130 costs. Morgan had pleaded guilty to the charge, which became law as part of the 2003 Prostitution Reform Act.

When I read the headline "Unsafe sex fine is a legal first" I thought the nanny-state had reached a new level. I can't imagine what David Farrar would have had to say about the legislation of a mutually consensual bedroom.
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