Monday, July 11, 2005

Those Crazy Libertarians Part 2

Following up on my previous post about the gun-toting Libertarianz Party, I would like to point you towards the animation, entitled An Introduction to Liberty, they are using to advertise in cinemas. You can download it here (12.6 Mb mpg).

My main problem with Libertarianism isn't that it's wrong, but that it's just so mind-numbingly unimaginative. The aforementioned film, or as Libertarianz so eloquently call it
'"edu-vert" (educational advert)', is a case in point:

Can't you just tell what's coming next? Yep, that's right:

Actually, I didn't expect them to bring hats into it, but I've heard people spew the whole 'taxation is theft' thing so many god-damned times.

There are many fine arguments for minimising government intervention, but anyone who insists on moral absolutes such as liberty or equality is spouting hollow emotive bullshit, which is the antithesis of reasoned debate.

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