Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Litigious Creationists

The Assn. of Christian Schools International, who represent private schools, are suing the University of California for religious discrimination.
Under a policy implemented with little fanfare a year ago, UC admissions authorities have refused to certify high school science courses that use textbooks challenging Darwin's theory of evolution, the suit says.

Other courses rejected by UC officials include "Christianity's Influence in American History," "Christianity and Morality in American Literature" and "Special Providence: American Government."

The 10-campus UC system requires applicants to complete a variety of courses, including science, mathematics, history, literature and the arts. But in letters to Calvary Chapel, university officials said some of the school's Christian-oriented courses were too narrow to be acceptable.

According to the lawsuit, UC's board of admissions also advised the school that it would not approve biology and science courses that relied primarily on textbooks published by Bob Jones University Press and A Beka Books, two Christian publishers.

Instead, the board instructed the schools to "submit for UC approval a secular science curriculum with a text and course outline that addresses course content/knowledge generally accepted in the scientific community."
What do they expect? A course on Creationism simply doesn't teach you anything about biology. As for the other courses, there's clearly nothing wrong with teaching a course about religion, but I assume since UC has declined to certify the courses they go beyond that and fail to address other issues or lack critical analysis*.
How can kids indoctrinated into this sort of anti-academic thinking be expected to perform at university? I dare say many academics would leave the US if they had to put up with too many self-righteous little fucks who think they know everything about biology because some crackpot tells them there are holes in the theory of evolution, misrepresents what 'theory' means and rejects evolution because we - the (boundedly) rational part of the human population - can't explain every aspect of evolution or 'prove' that it's true.

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*Of course the UC could be evil lesbian satanists who want to prevent any sort of religion being taught in private schools, in which case I'm moving there immediately.
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