Monday, September 26, 2005

Kamala Hayman, This Is Your Life

This is why I gave up on the idea of being a journalist:

Attempt to clear up pool soiling


At least one public swimming pool in Christchurch is closed every three days because a child has defecated in the water, costing the city thousands of dollars a year.

Worst affected is the Pioneer Leisure Centre, forced to close at least once a week due to a faecal incident. In the past four months it has closed 21 times for a total of 42 hours. All but one closure was in the leisure pool, usually crowded with children of all ages enjoying the wave machine, river area, fountains, or swimming lessons.


Christchurch City Council recreation facilities manager John Filsell said most faecal incidents were due to toddler toileting accidents and he urged parents to take steps to avoid them.

"The best thing the community can do is to ensure young children go to the toilet before using the pool."

[Chur Christian]
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