Saturday, September 10, 2005

My New Word: It's Slightly Naughty

During a conversation with a friend about rugby today, I made a new word. This post is a claim to authorship. My new word is cryptosodomy. It is a noun and refers to any activity which involves covert male homoeroticism (I'm using sodomy to refer to gay male sexual conduct generally, not just anal sex). As of now (1:23 am NZ time 10/9/05) Google (the ultimate ontological arbiter of the 21st century) shows no results for cryptosodomy, crypto-sodomy or "crypto sodomy".

Which variation do you prefer? I'm inclined to the onewordnofuckinghyphen approach, but maybe it's too soon. The whole Two__Separate__Words thing is just awkward in my opinion, which is why I like those compound-happy Germans. I guess I would be happy for people to use either cryptosodomy or crypto-sodomy as the occasion permits, just use your judgment and use it wisely children.

Update: imagine what the language itself sounds like. As for the verb form, I think cryptosodomise sounds a bit too bodily and literal. Since crypto- has the techie connotations of cryptography, I think it needs to be snappy and direct - this is the Noughties, afterall - and so I present the verb cryptosod. What does everyone think?
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