Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pinioned the Bitch

Disclaimer: Brad is deprived of both sleep and nicotine. Any sense-making is entirely coincidental and if you are in any doubt you should just get fucked anyway.

I'm fond of neither politicking nor crowds, so when I saw both at the University of Otago today I ignored it and got on with my business (reading about lesbians and whatnot). By the sounds of it, however, I should have had a closer look:
Labour Minister Pete Hodgson is facing police inquiries after assaulting a mother who was peacefully protesting at Otago University today, ACT Justice spokesman Stephen Franks said.

"She has confirmed to me that he pinioned her so that she could not raise her arms to show her protest sign to the television cameras."


[T]he people who were there as part of the event, wearing the Labour gear, holding the balloons and passing out the leaflets. Oh, and ripping anti-Labour material out of the hands of students, stealing belongings and running away with them.
Man, I hate people. I've always found people willing to unquestioningly support one political party quite dull and unimaginative, but when I saw some of the Labour, Green and Act peeps (yes, I'm using that pejoratively) today I noticed something else. They Ugly.

Now, I'm a bit of an ugly fuck myself, but one mans ugliness does not an interesting story make. When there is a group, however, that disproportionately exhibits some quality, it would seem there must be some reason for it. My question, then, is this: Are ugly people attracted to party politics, or does joining a political party make you ugly? Perhaps there's some other quality required to join a party, dress in red and hand out balloons (stupidity perhaps?) which covaries with ugliness. I guess we need more data (though frankly, life would be much easier if anecdotal or entirely made-up evidence was enough) to be sure there even is a relationship to study, rather than the bitter imaginings of a cynical arsehole who's sick of all the fucking inane rhetoric masquerading as debate.
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